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Women in Cellblock 9

A bunch of feminine freedom-fighters led by Karine Levere is caught by the warden of a ladies’s jail, situated somwhere within the South American jungle. None of them will reveal the secrets and techniques of their organisation or the names of their collaborators within the cities, so they’re handed over to Dr. Costa who, after 4 years inactivity in Europe, is delighted to have the ability to apply his torture strategies as soon as extra. Laverne fails to withstand the inhuman therapies and divulges all. The one hope of saving the group is for the ladies to warn town cell earlier than it is too late. They trick the jail guard into having intercourse with them, knock him out and escape of jail. The warden and Dr. Costa should forestall them from revealing the practices contained in the jail. The hunt is on and it is shoot to kill…

Duration: 75 min


IMDb: 4.5